Best way to Collect and Approve Tenants Documents

Collectizi makes it easy for Lettings Agents to collect and manage tenants documents.

How to Collect Tenants Documents?
Collectizi- Request, Collect, Approve Anyone's documents

Communicate, Don't Chase

Collect from tenants the exact list of documents and info you need when you need it.

Line Items Display

Each document has it's own upload button, preventing you from getting the wrong files.

Automatic Reminders

We send automatic reminders, so you can stop chasing tenants for their documents.

Easy Collaboration

Communicate with tenants easily and share their files with their landlord in one-click.

No website Yet? No Problem

Our wide range of features allow Real Estate Agents to proactively reach out to tenants via email and build a relationship which will generate positive word-of-mouth and earn repeat business.

Streamline your document collection workflows and grow your business with an automated and simple tool.

Elegant, Professional Document requests

With Collectizi you improve your tenants journey with branded Document requests, reminders and personal client portals.

Working has never been so easy

You can approve, deny the documents from one place or share them in one-click with the Landlords. All in one place.

An activity trail for a better decisions

Cut the hassle, the risk and the cost of collecting documents manually. Track everything that happen as part of your request from a single place.

Collectizi- Request, Collect, Approve Anyone's documents

Document Collection Software for Real Estate Agents

Unlimited History

Access easily returning tenants past records and help them move out much easily.


We take care of the automatic reminders, you can always send manual ones with a one click.

Private Notes

Add to your tenant requests, notes or observations for your team members.


Add your brand logo and brand name to your emails and client secured portal.


Send emails directly from Collectizi and unify your tenants experience.

Internal Search

Write anything and find your tenants in seconds with our search tool.

Knowledge Base

Help your teams get up to speed with the tool faster with our Knowledge Base.

Team Members

Add your team members to your account and let them send documents requests as well.

Hassle Free Offer

We take care of setting up your account. You don't have to do anything.

Integrated Forms

Add a basic application form to your request to collect your tenants information.


Send easily your documents requests to anyone as part of your rental process.


Need to share with your user a rental agreement? Just add it as an attachment.

No Credit Card required. No commitment.

Better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. We'll set up your account in minutes.